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News/23 Apr 2020



During this difficult time we have put in place a series of measures aimed at minimising the impact of the current COVID-19 outbreak on our residents, staff and local communities. We are being led by the latest guidance and advice by Government and will be updating our position and policies as soon as any changes occur.

What measures is The Forge doing to keep its residents safe during this time?

• All communal areas, including the gym have been closed in line with Government guidelines.

• For anyone who is self-isolating we are offering personal support, including and if requested food or pharmacy shopping and rubbish collection to ensure that they do not have to leave their apartments.

• We have increased the frequency of cleaning of hallways and lifts.

• We continue to manage the delivery of all personal parcels.

• We have created an on-line resident engagement plan which includes yoga sessions and PT sessions, quiz nights etc.

I have lost my job/been put on furlough, what should I do?

• Where individuals are genuinely concerned about their ability to pay rent as a result of a change in their personal circumstances, they should contact one of the team via phone or email, or using the resident portal, and we will try to find an acceptable solution.

My lease is coming up for renewal, can I delay my decision / will you be increasing my rent?

• Where individuals are concerned about their personal circumstances, they should contact one of the team via phone or email, or using the resident portal, and we will try to find an acceptable solution.

• Rents will not be increasing during this period of lockdown.

I’m due to move out in the coming weeks – will I still be able to?

• Yes. Please contact one of the team via phone or email, or using the resident portal, who can provide further instructions. We now facilitate check-out’s without having a member of staff present.

What if there is a confirmed case in The Forge?

• Once it is confirmed that there is a case in The Forge we will immediately take guidance from Public Health England as to the required next steps.

What measures are the building staff taking?

• The Forge team is working remotely where they can and remain available on phone and email 24 hours a -day. Team members that are required to travel in for essential services are being advised, in line with Government guidelines, to avoid rush hours and busy times where possible and to observe social distancing, as well as maintaining rigorous handwashing.

What should I do if I feel unwell?

• In line with Government guidelines, you should not leave your apartment if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or live with someone who does. Further information and next steps can be found here – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms-and-what-to-do/. Please be reminded that you can always contact us if you require any specific assistance from us

Who can I email/contact if I have any concerns?

• Please contact General Manager Daniel Armory daniel.armory@the-forge-newcastle.co.uk, 07395 791 140 or out of hours call 07395 794 838

Is the concierge service still available – how do I access this without going to the front desk?

• Yes, you can still contact the team 24/7 via email, phone or the resident portal. We will help and assist wherever we possibly can.

Can I still reserve an apartment?

• Yes, all tenancy arrangements can be done on-line without the need to see a team member face-to-face. This includes a virtual check-in carried out via our inventory app.

Can I still come for a viewing?

• We are currently providing excellent virtual tours for people wanting to view remotely, but will also contact you as and when the building opens up for viewings again

What happens if I book an apartment but can’t move in because of Lock Down?

• We will review your proposed tenancy date and work with you to agree a new move-in date where possible.