News/17 Dec 2019


As a working professional, the idea of a balanced life can seem tougher than the mammoth project brief that’s just flown into your inbox.

Getting that work-life balance we hear so much about, looking after your physical and mental health, and making time for the things you enjoy is tricky – there’s no denying it.

While it’s natural for life to feel a little off balance every now and then, most of us could probably do with a helping hand to get a daily balance just right.

There’s no quick fix as no two lifestyles are the same (and we wouldn’t want it any other way!), but there are some simple steps to help you manage life in the fast lane, and only break a sweat from time to time…

1. Plan your week

Whether it’s keeping a diary, jotting things down on a calendar or using the calendar/notes on your phone, no excuses! On a Sunday evening or at the start of each week, write down your work and personal appointments, everything from gym classes, the dreaded food shop and all-things work of course like meetings and calls. We’d be surprised if it doesn’t leave you feeling more organised and positive about the week ahead.

2. Get enough sleep

Aim to be out for the count for at least 7-8 hours each night, it makes all the difference. Getting a good sleep most nights means the odd occasion when you’re out with friends or fancy a late night movie don’t leave you flagging. If insomnia is an unwanted friend of yours you can’t shake off, it could be worth seeing a specialist like Intelligent Sleeping in Jesmond. We’re nodding off at the thought!

3. Think about what’s going on your plate

Cooking doesn’t float everyone’s boat, especially when there’s a new Netflix series to binge or work has taken it out of you. To avoid the daily routine of chopping, cooking and cleaning up, food prepping a couple of times a week could be a better fit for your lifestyle. Shopping online means you can create a shopping basket to reorder each week, then prep your meals for the week ahead on a weekend, with a top-up midweek.

4. Rest and retreat

Aim for at least thirty minutes of downtime each evening before you get into bed, and try to introduce a digital detox during this time too. You may fancy a soak in the bath, a couple of chapters of your book or that new podcast you’ve got saved. ZONE OUT! You’ll get a better night of sleep and give yourself some headspace.

5. Practice positivity

Do something you love at least once a week, or if you’re ready for change, push yourself out of your comfort zone and take up a new hobby. Why not take a trip to Hotpod Yoga, a supercharged way of finding your Zen and doing a tough workout all at once. There’s a pod nearby and our residents can have their first session for free.

6. Move more

Last but not least, get some exercise in at least a few times during the week. It’s not impossible and will leave you feeling better for it. Walk to work, pop out to the shops at lunchtime, join a running club or head out on your own with your music on loud – our favourite running route is the Quayside, you can’t beat it! We get life can get in the way of working out, that’s why our onsite gym is open 24/7, so residents can squeeze in a session before or after work, without eating into their day.

At The Forge we do everything we can to make our residents lives that bit easier, from our concierge team being around all day and night, to offering facilities designed around convenience.